“Help! My dog’s fur get tangled too fast and I HATE a shave!”

Do you like a longer length for your dog’s fur but have a hard time keeping up with the brushing and can’t afford a full groom every week?
Keep your dog looking great in between grooms by scheduling regular “Touch Up Sessions”.

What are Touch Up Sessions?
Touch Up Sessions include a full brush out, nails trimmed and eyes and ears cleaned.  Touch Up Sessions are done regularly in between scheduled full grooms.

How often should my dog have a Touch Up Session?
Depending on your dogs length and type of coat, you may choose to have a touch up once or twice a week, or even every 2 weeks.  Every 6-8 weeks or so your dog gets a full groom.

How long does a Touch Up Session take?

Another great feature of this service is that since it does not include a bath and drying or scissoring it really doesn’t take that long.  On average between 10-20 minutes should be all that’s needed.

Keep in mind that again, it depends on your dogs size, temperament as well as the length and type of coat.

How much do Touch Up Sessions cost?

This depends on the size of your dog, as well as the  length and thickness of the coat.  Pricing will generally be between $5 and $15.

Can I just skip the full grooms and do Touch Up Sessions only?

A full groom includes a thorough humane bath and dry.  Dog’s skin can get dry and flaky, greasy, or just plain dirty.  A bath cleanses the skin and coat, cleanses the pores in the skin (releasing more dead hair and thus, helps to reduce shedding).  And of course, they’ll smell much better!

Scissoring, trimming and clipping a dirty coat will leave more ‘scissor marks’ and make for a choppier finished looked.  A “squeeky clean” coat that’s properly blow-dried helps the fur sits nicely to create that beautiful smooth look.

Full grooms include:

  • bath
  • blow-dry
  • nails ground (clipping sometimes leaves sharp edges)
  • ears plucked (if applicable to your breed)
  • ears cleaned
  • eyes cleaned
  • clipping/trimming/scissoring/shaving

About doggroomingbyjanice

Several years of experience in the grooming industry. Hand scissoring, clipping, hand stripping...
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