Dog Treats

Special treats for your special dog.   Everything here is made with human-grade ingredients.

To place an order, just send me an email at doggroomingbyJanice (at) gmail (dot) com  or call 905-382-6036.

Peanut Butter Pupcakes

Celebrate your dog’s birthday with these scrumpuous treats.

These come with a caution though:  They’re so good that if you don’t get some extras, you may find yourself apologizing to Fluffy for having eaten all her treats!

  • Plain 8″ round cake or 12 Pupcakes  $15
  • Decorated 8″ round cake or 12 decorated Pupcakes $25.

Liver Brownies

Moist, full of flavour and healthy too!  Sure to get your dog drooling and spark even a finicky eaters appetite.

As the name implies, this is beef liver blended up with a mixture of wheat germ, barley, eggs…

                    • 9″ x9″ square pan for $15


Peanut Butter Carob Cookies

Chewy peanut-y goodness, sweetened up with natural honey.  Nope, those are NOT chocolate chips, it’s carob!  The dog-friendly version of one of human’s favourite flavours: the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.

                  • 1 dozen: $10
                  • 2 dozen: $14
                  • 3 dozen: $18
                  • 4 dozen: $22
                  • 5 dozen: $24 ORDER A BATCH AND SAVE!  Pop the extras in the freezer or share with your dog’s friends

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